Charlotte United Christian Academy - Established 2009.

Warriors in Service


Warriors In Service

The Warriors in Service Program is a fundamental way to train our students in the Core Values of Charlotte United Christian Academy as well as a graduation requirement. This program is also designed to aid them in discovering their natural gifts and skills and employing them in the community. This service is designed to take students out of their comfort zone (family, church, neighbors) and into the greater community. Because it is a promotion/graduation requirement, all students in grades 9-12 are required to participate.

The minimum number of hours per grade per year** are:

Freshman - 20 hours
Sophomore - 24 hours
Junior - 28 hours
Senior - 32 hours

Students will not be limited to the minimum requirements per school year. Service hours can be accumulated from 9th grade through the 12th grade and at graduation, special recognition will be given to those who have excelled in this area.

105-174 hours of MP/SIS will receive a carolina blue cord to be worn at graduation
175-199 hours of MP/SIS will receive a black cord to be worn at graduation
200+ hours of MP/SIS will receive an orange cord to be worn at graduation

Service hours completed during the summer will be applied to the upcoming school year, not the previous year.

Students will need to complete the required number of service hours at an approved non-profit agency. Students may also choose his own agency and/or project with prior approval from the MP/SIS director, Mrs. Carolyn Cuthbertson. Services for which a student is paid may not be counted. All student transcripts will indicate the number of service hours completed.

(Download Printable PDF - Application/Approval Form)

(Download Printable PDF -Approved Agencies)

**Allowances will be made for transfer students.