Charlotte United Christian Academy - Established 2009.

Visual Arts

Lower School Art 

Our dynamic lower school art program will promote your child's confidence and aid in the development of the find and gross motor skills, build critical thinking skills and experiment with an array of media such as charcoal, pencil, pen and ink, oil pastels, clay, acrylic, paint and mixed-media. Our students are encouraged to effectively communicate their feelings, creative ideas and images through learning that the process of creating work is equally important to the finished product. Students will begin to see God's creation and beauty through learning to conceptualize thechnical skills and express themselves individually. Our students will begin to understand that God has gifted them inidvidually and they can use their art to express the gifts that He has given them.

Middle School Art Electives

Art 1

introduces the basic elements of design through curious media processes and explorations. Introductory drawing, painting and sculpture assignments are given. Quarterly quizzes are given which cover basic art vocabulary and professional artists learned about during that quarter. This course covers the basics of art history, art mediums, and how to integrate Biblical prinicples into art projects and compositions.

Advanced Art

is allowed for students who have shown proficiency  in Art 1. This course builds upon the prinicples learned in Art 1 as well as to integrate the basic elements of composition as they apply to design in drawing, painting, sculpture and mixed-media. This course is designed so that each student can see the individual talent that God has given them, and they can develop a more disciplined focus in the meidum that they have excelled in (drawing, design, painting, or sculpture).  Art concepts and theory are introduced as well as peer critiques. Minimal quizzing will be required thorughout the semester covering art vocabulary and art History.

Prerequisite: Art 1 or Teacher approval

High School Art Electives

Art II

This course is designed to expand on the techniques and processes studied in Art I.  The focus of the class will be the creating of artworks in the four main areas of drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed-media and ceramics.  Students are tested on a beginning level of Art History knowledge and art vocabulary, and are expected to use this terminology for class critiques (both self-critiques and peer critiques).  Students explore various Biblical principles in relationship to the Christian artist’s role in society and how to apply these principles in their artworks. 

Prerequisite:  Art I and teacher approval


Students in this course build upon media skills and design concepts learned in Art II.  A greater depth of skill development and creative thinking are encouraged in this course.  Extended periods of time are allotted for more professional renderings in drawing, painting and sculpture to allow skill development with an equal emphasis on expression and creative process vs. the final composition produced.  The student begins developing a personal portfolio of art works.  Weekly sketchbook drawings or independent artworks are required.  

Prerequisite:  Art II and teacher approval


This studio course is based upon the format of the higher level Advanced Placement studio art course.  This is a portfolio production course that includes a series of works based upon a developed theme or concept that incorporates good design and composition elements.  Students are encouraged to focus on the most developed are of art learned in Art I-III (drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics or design).  This is a rigorous academic course because of the amount of time outside of class required to prepare for, research and produce quality artworks.  Selected readings and research papers are required as well as art history research and testing.  A major emphasis of the Christian’s role in society and how to Biblically integrate a Christian world-view in the arts is stressed. 

Prerequisite:  Successful completion of Art I, Art II and Art III or teacher exemption based on student portfolio 

Graphic Design/Photography

The first half of this course will be an introduction of Design and Composition Elements and Graphic Design projects.  The second half of this course will focus on the basics of good photography and editing.   

Prerequisite:  Art I or teacher approval