Charlotte United Christian Academy - Established 2009.

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For over a quarter of a century, Charlotte United Christian Academy has been training young people in Christian principles and academic disciplines. While it is our conviction to provide affordable Christian education to the Charlotte and surrounding community, the needs are great. We rely on God’s provision for our facilities, program and faculty and for the students. The Warrior Foundation was established as a source to continue to provide scholarships to families who are seeking Christian education and are in need of financial assistance. We recognize that often times it is through your donations that God provides for our students. We are blessed to have the support of family, alumni, friends and the community.




 Opportunities to Give


How you have helped in 2008:

  • $75,000 pledged at the 2008 First Annual Foundation Dinner
  • The Foundation aided 19 families for the 2008 school year
  • $9,000 in upgrades for Information and Technology

How you helped in 2009:

  • $13,000 in cash contributions raised at the 2009 Second Annual Foundation Event
  • The Foundation awarded $22,500 to familes for the 2009 school year
  • The Foundation awarded $2,500 to the CUCA sports and fine art programs

Financial Assistance through the Foundation

Thank you in advance for your support. For questions or more information on supporting the school through the Foundation, please contact the foundation at