Charlotte United Christian Academy - Established 2009.

Lower School Uniforms


You will find required items as will as optional items.  All items must have the logo.

School uniform and dress code standards play an integral role in our desire to foster an atmosphere
in which children can grow to their full potential in Jesus. The way children feel about themselves,
the manner in which they approach their work and even how they respond to the Lord can be
affected by dress and physical appearance.

Our purpose in having specific standards for dress is primarily to help students focus on developing
Christ-likeness within themselves so that they may have that "incorruptible beauty of a gentle and
quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God." (I Peter 3:4) Observing the dress code
standards set by the school also trains students to respond properly to authority as a mirror of their
relationship to Jesus.

Appropriateness for the Christian school environment is a primary consideration in the matter of
dress. Often in the world, people use clothing as a status symbol or as a means of drawing attention
to themselves or of identifying themselves with a particular subculture. The inevitable result is
separation. God, however, desires unity in His body – the church – and in the ministries of the
church, including the school. Because we desire our students to care for and interact with one
another without regard to racial, economic, or other differences, it is important that they not use
their clothing as a means of unnecessarily distinguishing themselves from their peers. By removing
attention from what everyone is wearing, we intend for students to focus on the real reasons they are
in our school, namely, to grow spiritually and academically.

The intent of the dress code is not to create problems but to alleviate them. Because a high standard
has been set, we must all – students, parents, and teachers – work diligently to maintain it. Our
children will benefit from knowing that they are operating within clearly defined boundaries. Parents
assist greatly in this process by regularly checking their children before they leave home. Ultimate
authority in determining whether or not apparel meets the criteria of the dress code lies with the
school administration.

There will be NO excuses for student violations of the uniform and dress code standards of
Charlotte United Christian Academy. Students and parents are expected to follow the policy exactly.
Violations will be viewed as intentional and dealt with on that basis. Any student whose dress is
considered inappropriate by the administration of Charlotte United will not be admitted to classes,
and will receive zeros for any work missed in those classes, until the student changes into an
acceptable change of clothing either provided by the school or brought by the parent to the school.
Violations that do not require a change of clothing to correct will be handled under the behavior and
discipline policy of the school. Standards of modesty, decency, and appropriateness apply to
students’ attire at all times, including school sponsored “dress down” days.