Charlotte United Christian Academy - Established 2009.

Faculty & Staff



Staff Position Contact
Hank Corcoran Head of School
Janet Atwell Principal
Elizabeth Reyes Director, ESE
Kimberly Kyle Chaplain
Carolyn Cuthbertson Guidance Counselor/Registrar
Cathy Jones Accounting
Stephanie Hill
Reception, Admin Assistant, Admissions, Marketing
Karen Moore
Karin Rozelle
1st Grade
Beth Poux 2nd Grade
Jessica Cochran 3rd Grade
Barb Daniel 4th Grade
Laura Hershelman  5th Grade
Michelle Kovack
MS Science
HS Science
Lane Sullivan  6th Grade
Mel Poux High School English
 Baldwin, Mitchell
Athletic Director
Varsity Men's Head Coach
James Costner
MS History
Adrienne Addison
HS Math
Aubrey Cochran History
Tom Ouma Middle School Math/Chemistry
Julie Ritterskamp LS Music/Art
Trinetta Jackson Afterschool Care Director  
 Catherine Nichols
Special Ed Teacher 4-5
 Jaime Pacheco Special Ed Teacher 6
Heather Russell Special Ed Teacher 1-2
Kim Hyland Special Ed Para-professional
Sharon Thomas Special Ed Para-professional  
Ellana Wynn Special Ed Para-professional  
Melvin Rendleman  Special Ed Para-professional  
Kimberly Knight Preschool Director
 Susan Lockman Preschool - Infants  
Laura Lunsford Preschool - 2's and 3's  
Salem Cuthbertson Preschool - 1's  
Ashton Fakih Preschool - Aide  
Karry Johnston Preschool ESE Teacher